me today

FoEricr more than twenty years I was able to combine travelling with my work as a manager in Traffic Telematics, the Chemical, Textiles and the Steel Industry. Hundreds of business trips to the five continents lead not only to a comfortable Lufthansa Senator status but also to thousands of business contacts. And business is always made between people.

After years on low budget with my backpack I put up now in five star hotels, met business tycoons and government officials. Whereas low budget travelling revealed a glimpse of the beating heart of a country, the business approach disclosed a view under the engine hood and the dynamic motor of booming economies. It was most exciting to be part of India’s ascend towards an industrial world power whereas the way to develop the country was not always to the best of its people.

I got insight of how Chinese might think, made friends in India and became an estimated partner from Dubai to Shanghai. Key was the understanding of culture and social background of the people I met. I had started studying their history, religion and philosophy and learned principles of their many languages. What an international live and how exhausting !

My camera always travelled with me and it was interesting to make industrial photography together with situation reports in emerging technologies and markets. Around 60.000 images in my archive document 30 years of travelling, many a change in the world but also here and there a hidden paradise.

I switched from taking to making photographs, which appears more challenging. Digital photography makes results so fast and easily available.

Portrait is certainly the ultimate in photography leading from differing realities into a realm of personality, fiction and desire. Faces attract us as they always touch a string of our own personality.

I have passed the master craftsman certificate and work today as a professional photographer.

And yes - you can hire me for assignments !

So I will concentrate on my work with the camera in future and will portrait people and report about situations. And whatever I will catch with my camera I will do it with the confidence that everywhere there is beauty behind.